Hello, We Are Shine Central Coast

The intention of this video podcast is to connect us here on the Central Coast, to allow us to see its natural beauty and let it shine, to uplift and empower through story and inspiration. We do this through our interviews showcasing incredible local individuals in what they are doing and accomplishing in our community and where they came from so that we can further acquire knowledge and deeper meaning of who we are.

So the ultimate intention is to ignite your natural shine by shining together.

Collaboration is at the heart of Shine Central Coast. As it evolves we invite you to become part of this creation. If you know of anyone who you would like to Shine on here, please get in touch. Let us know about them. Let's have a chat. This also means please treat this space with respect, esp. when you feel called to share services, products or events that feel relevant to the community we ask you to reach out first, so together we can let it shine in the best way for everyone.

We look forward to witnessing the growth of our connection in our community through all of us.

Syl Marie

Video- & Photographer

Calm angel behind the camera, shining her light onto everyone. Syl is an photographer, videographer and artist with THAT special spark in her eyes that allows those in her presence to shine bright and joyful.

Gosh, you gotta be there when she shares one of her jokes...

Sue Bradley

Host & Founder

Our true mum and cornerstone of the Coast. Her deep connection to this land and the people goes back to her school days. Today she raises her children here and passionately connects the community in a heart-centred and deeply nourishing way.

Start a conversation on gut and soil health with her and you'll never see the world in the same way - ever again...

Kris Goetz

Host & Founder

Vibrant and smiling force who constantly gets amazed by the beauty of the Central Coast (people and land). Kris is a visionary, lifestyle mentor & story teller. With the curiosity of a child, she always wonders what makes people tick and change.

Wanderlust inside out - travelling through space or time - she's always up for it. Typically with bare feet and a cup of sacred cacao in her hands ;)